If you live in the Rio Grande Valley here in Deep South Texas, the word bilingual most often is a description of someone who speaks both English and Spanish. Under that definition, I am not bilingual. They say to learn a language, you need to spend time in the culture and with the people that speak the language you are learning.  

In the animal world, hens have a language all their own. I have spent countless hours with my birds and feel that I understand “chicken” fairly well. Just like human languages, chickens can make sounds that are the same but have different meanings depending on the context. My beautiful australorp featured in the video below certainly has something to say! This cackle can mean, ‘I just laid an egg!!’ or ‘I was on my favorite nest and Buffy exerted her pecking order superiority and made me get off!’ When the cackle is especially frantic sounding, it usually means ‘Danger! Danger!’ or ‘I don’t know what that sound was but I am afraid it means danger!’ Regardless of meaning, this girl is making sure everyone knows how she feels.